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Welcome and good morning, this blog is concentrated on my love of software, in LA I am known as the home theater guy, so thats why I selected this as my site, keeping up with my notorious self.

Webopedia defines enterprise resource planning as Such software integrates every aspect of a businesses procedure including product manufacturing, planning, advertising and sales. With that definition, what ERP software do Fortune 500 companies use?

First, the type of ERP software that a company uses is going to depend on its size with respect both to number of employees as well as its revenue, along with the niche that the business services. It’s also noteworthy that about half of large businesses (i.e. enterprises) use several different types of ERP software.

Within the world of the largest enterprise-type companies the top ERP players are SAP and Oracle EBS. For example, Fortune 500 companies like Honeywell and Apple use the wildly popular software SAP. In fact, about 80% of Fortune 500 use this software in combination with others, if not exclusively.

Other top tier firms such as Garmin, Cisco, Juniper, General Electric use Oracle. This contrasts with smaller firms use totally different ERP software like Netsuite, Sage, ERP:FM, SAP, Deltek and Work.

The blog will contain all my musings and is in noway affiliated to my employers (if you find and read this).


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